People Tree accuses Dior of plagiarism, here's what happened

Leading international brand, Christian Dior has been accused of 'copy-pasting' designs from popular Indian brand, People Tree

Right in the beginning of the year two things made headlines in the fashion industry — Anushka’s designer Banarasi saree and Sonam Kapoor gracing the Elle cover. Thanks to social media and alert social media users, someone pointed out how designer Sabyasachi could have given due credit to the original artisans of Benaras, from whom he draws his inspiration. Now, it has come to light that leading international brand Christian Dior has done something similar. A Facebook user noticed how dress that Sonam wore (on the cover of Elle) was allegedly stolen from a very own popular Indian brand, People Tree.

Soon, one of the original designers, Orijit Sen noticed the post and shared their hand-drawn artwork:

While, for many, it is hard to believe that an international brand like Christian Dior would go to the lengths of exactly ‘copy-pasting’ a design from an Indian brand, this is exactly what seems to have happened. And people are obviously outraged at the audacity of the Dior to actually put it out on the cover of Elle and assume that people wouldn’t notice it.

Famous designers have, often, lifted designs/prints from smaller and voiceless artisans with impunity.