Peanut butter to elevator buttons: The web reveals 10 things Indians often get wrong

Indians might get a lot of things right but there's plenty that we don't either. Here are some things that Indians use incorrectly...

Ever feel like munching on gol gappe? Or having a steamy kullad of chai? Or perhaps you would want to take a tour through the ruins of ancient Mughal cities… Well, whatever it is that you want, there’s a pretty good chance that you would find the best of those in India. Indians are pretty friggin awesome when it comes to all that but yes, there are plenty of things that we can get wrong. And you gotta accept that. Otherwise, we would have been the best country in the whole world, wouldn’t we?

People on Quora held a discussion on all the things that Indians never use correctly and it is as true as it is brutal. Here are some of the things that most Indians haven’t gotten around to using correctly:

1. Elevators

You would have noticed that often when waiting for an elevator, people tend to restlessly press both buttons until the lift arrives. It is not like that is going to get the lift to move any faster yet, most people would choose to stray from logic and push-push-push.

2. Dustbins

It seems down in India, dustbins signify not an object to CONTAIN trash but a marker, around which, there lies a dump zone. Here, it is perfectly fine for you to dump trash AROUND dustbins and not just inside it.

3. English

If you’re in India, your chances of being “proposed” rise up by a 1000%. No, not because everyone here is a dil phek aashiq, but because a proposal means being asked out down here. Indians even come up with their own phrases the language such as, “what is your good name?” and often mispronounce words like “alar-am” and “bud-day”.

4. Peanut butter

Ideally, peanut butter is supposed to be stored upside down to prevent oil from collecting at the top. But, it looks like we take “this side up” a bit too seriously.

5. Earphones

Different earphones go differently into the ear. While some are meant to go around your neck, others have to go over the ear. Some are even required to be placed correctly to sit perfectly inside your ear. But apparently, Indians would rather put them on incorrectly and turn the volume up full blast.

6. Zebra crossings

Zebra crossings? Isn’t that like those black and white lines that are seen inside traffic rule textbooks and are meant to be ignored otherwise? *jaywalks away*

7. The “ink eraser”

There is a long-running joke about the “ink eraser” that can erase the paper itself. However, it’s not supposed to erase the ink at all. The eraser is actually meant for thicker papers and has nothing to do with ink.

8. Bobby pins

Bobby pins are supposed to be placed with the wavy sides down, not the other way around…

9. Eating apples

You would wonder how did we get this wrong. But, here we are! Apples are actually supposed to be eaten along the top-to-bottom axis and not from the side. By eating it from the side, we end up wasting a lot of the apple and that just ain’t cool.

10. The @ symbol

When placed in an email address, the @ symbol is to be read as “at”. On the other hand, when the symbol is used to mark the price rate for a certain product, it is to be read as “at the rate”. However, some Indians make the mistake of reading the symbol as “at the rate” everywhere, even for email addresses, which happens to be incorrect.

(source: Quora)

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