Parents who didn't teach their sons to cook, clean and run a household need to read this

This staggering post titled "Why Indian parents hate their sons so much" talks about how the privileged upbringing of men is actually hurting them

“Why Indian parents hate their sons so much” declares a viral post to highlight the privileged upbringing of men in our part of the world.  For centuries, domestic chores fell to the lot of women who by virtue of their economic dependence and childbirth, took to the role without much to-do. Times may have changed, but strangely the upbringing of men has not. Parents may be bringing up their children with  equal attention to both male and female kids but somehow when it comes to household chores, it is the girl who needs to learn ‘how to handle a house’ . Does your son require no basic skills on how to survive without their mummies to feed them, launder their clothes for them, clean the house for them?

The ‘conventional rules’ of our society favour men. But this urges parents, especially moms, to understand just why it is important to not treat your son like a child who needs to be taken care of first by her and then by the woman he eventually marries. Is it not the son’s house? Did you say yes? Then how is it not his responsibility to be equally involved in its upkeep. And no, paying the bills does not come under the category of work. Women work in offices and bring in money into the house too.

Take a look at what the post read:

They (boys) live forever on the mercies of others. This is so sad. I know of grown men who will never be able to go on trip, be it work, or pleasure, if their wives do not pack their suitcase for them. There is an entire generation of Indian men who would literally starve to death if left on their own.

Through this post, people are asked to contemplate on it as it is a serious issue and believes women are all set to conquer Mars, but boys will end up not knowing how to turn on the cooking gas:

I think I shall start a petition for equal rights for men at home. Don’t laugh… Think about it…While Indian women are all set to conquer Mars, our poor boys will die a slow death because nobody showed them how to turn on the cooking gas!

This post was shared by the Twitter handle @AbbakkaHypatia with the caption, “My mother’s FB post. So glad she raised my brother right. He doesn’t need no woman to cook his food, wash his clothes or clean his house”

Apparently, her mother reposted the original post from an unknown source. Right after the post was shared on Twitter, it went viral with more than 1k likes and 424 retweets.

This post gives a fresh perspective to the gender debate and raises important points. As author Chimamanda Adichie puts it, “For a better and a different society, we must raise our daughters and sons differently”.

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