One couple, 80 countries, two 'Bruised Passports' and a drool-worthy Instagram profile

This travelling duo captures their journeys from around the globe and is definitely the stuff that jealousy is made of.

There are those who travel the world when they can take out time (and have the bank balance to support it) and those who do it full-time. What happens when two travel junkies marry each other? In this day an age, the answer is obviously a fabulous Instagram account. Savi Munjal and Vidit Taneja who handle a very popular social media account – Bruised Passports – have something to offer to every kind of traveller. From that almost hidden (and picturesque) alley, or a sleepy tapas bar you didn’t know existed, or that secluded beach or even finding off-the-map ruins that cannot be found in any travel guide.

Having explored 80 countries, Savi and Vid (as they call themselves) are internet sensations giving millennials something to look forward to when they take a break from their otherwise dull desk jobs.

Despite so much information about travel destinations online, Savi says the dearth of articles that actually talk about the practical aspects of traveling that got the ball rolling. Savi, who maintained a travel journal, wanted to ‘bridge the gap’ and it was pretty easily done with the help of Vidit’s massive collection of breathtaking photographs.

The couple spoke to InUth about how Bruised Passports was born:

Q. Tell us a little about yourselves

We met in high school in New Delhi. We dated for aeons and eventually got married. We travelled a fair bit in South East Asia as teenagers during university holidays. That’s when both of us fell in love with travelling. As we grew up, we moved to London and would save our salaries to travel together each month. We spent almost 8 years in London and would try to travel to a new place every month! This is how we ended up exploring Europe, US, and parts of Africa.

Eventually we transitioned from corporate jobs to a location-independent model of working so we could travel all year round. Till date, we’ve been to over 80 countries and hundreds of cities together.

Q. How feasible is the avenue for other aspiring travelers?

We would advise people to take up travel blogging as a profession after having travelled a fair bit and realising they are truly passionate about it. Being on the move for over 250 days of the year is not for everyone.

Secondly, contrary to popular belief, full time travel blogging is an extremely demanding job. Over the years, we’ve learnt that building an online business takes much more effort than we thought. Sustaining it takes rigorous discipline and motivation. Bruised Passports is almost 5 years old and right now, we work longer hours than we used to in our corporate jobs. Just to give you an example – I completed by PhD in 4 years and wrote 100,000 words. In the first 18 months alone, I had to write more than that for our website.

But the good thing is if your work fuels your passion (or vice versa) it doesn’t feel like work at all! Setting up an online platform and watching it flower is an exhilarating feeling. Bruised Passports started with just one reader (my mom) and it now boasts of over 2 million readers.

Here are glimpses from their expeditions that would rekindle your wanderlust:

When they crafted their own fairytale at Disneyland

Or casually posed on the deck in Peru

Or whether it was discovering Leh Ladakh’s infamous Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake

Or discovered the off-road vacation spot people have begun to prefer over Goa, a.k.a Coorg

Or took a road-trip in Karnataka

Or when they took a trip to the Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim

But mostly the bruised passports prefer to make use of their passports and discover new countriess like when they took a trip to Spain

__There is NOTHING more poetic than being marooned on an island in the middle of nowhere, with delicious ocean waves lapping up against your feet ___ We are wrapping up our little series on our favourite island getaways with 2 suggestions so you can pick one based on your preferences: 1) Canary Islands, Spain : these Spanish islands, located just off the coast of Africa, are perfect because they are warm even during winter months. They are accessible, affordable, and gorgeous but can get super crowded during summer months. Ideal for beach bums ___. 2) Galapagos Islands, Ecuador : Don’t go here for the beaches but the rare wildlife, birds, flora, and fauna. Expect playful sea lions, lackadaisical iguanas, rare birds and blue-footed boobies diving into ocean in front of your eyes. The Galapagos Islands are heavily protected and expensive, but they’re amazing for nature enthusiasts! Swim with turtles and cherish this rare holiday in some of the most remote islands in the world. _ _ We had so much fun sharing our favourite travel experiences with you guys over the past 2 weeks – hope you enjoyed ’em too. Thanks for all the lovely messages and comments on the posts __

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Or like when they veered off to Japan

Or when they discovered Seoul in Korea

Let’s melt into spring ____ Today’s pick is visiting Japan or South Korea during the sumptuous Cherry blossom season. This week we are sharing 10 of our FAVOURITE travel experiences, which NEED to feature on your bucket list! _ _ Both Japan and South Korea are amazing countries to visit anytime of the year. But they are truly special during Sakura season. Spring is in the air and you will see pavements and sidewalks dotted with powder pink petals. But that’s not all. There’s a spring (see what I did there?) in the step of locals as winter coats are shed and the sun starts making a daily appearance. No wonder there are parties and picnics at every nook and corner and the sound of laughter reverberates in every restaurant and public park. But turn a corner and it’ll be just you in the company of hundreds of thousands of pale pink blossoms as far as the eye can see – MAGIC? You could call it that! __

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Or would you like a road-trip in Iceland?

#2 A Road Trip In Iceland ___ All this week we are sharing 10 of our FAVOURITE travel experiences, which NEED to feature on your bucket list __ Here’s why we think YOU should go on a long winded road trip in Iceland – rarely do you chance upon a country where each attraction is prettier than the last. There are waterfalls like you’ve never seen them before, landscapes right out of a fairy tale, mysterious volcanic caves, and glaciers that go on for miles. Obviously you marvel __ Then, you chance upon that SECRET SPOT where there’s nothing – no waterfalls, no caves, no mountains. It’s the spot that has no tricks up its sleeve. There are no cars, houses, or people for miles. But there are wild flowers. Hundreds of thousands of them. They entice you into lying down on the grass. From there you sink deeper and deeper into a space where ipods, books, and notepads seem irrelevant. The material world seems FAR away. You just dream and count clouds _. till those clouds give way to stars. You come away a different person, you really do _”

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Or whether it was simply having a drink in Delhi during the festive season

Bruised Passports started with just one reader (Savi’s mom) and it now boasts of over 2 million readers.

Desperate to start go off on your own? Wait a minute. The two with ‘bruised passports’ have a bit of friendly advice for you. In case you are determined to give up your job and travel the world, they recommend you – ‘freelance / save and travel on a shoestring budget / take up a job that involves travelling’. We’d listen to them if we were you.


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