Ola Offered Customers A Ride With Chetan Bhagat, Internet Swipes Left

Talk about a bad marketing move

In an attempt to boost sales, app-based taxi service Ola cabs recently launched a campaign. In collaboration with author Chetan Bhagat, Ola announced an offer wherein they provide their customers with an opportunity to ride with him. As unanticipated as it may have been for Ola, it backfired.

While the campaign did serve the purpose of ‘spreading the word’ as the tweets went viral, the offer itself didn’t seem inviting enough for Ola’s customer. Almost immediately, Twitter users started criticising the campaign, vowing to never sit in an Ola again, or at least till September 25, which is when the offer ends.

Oh, Ola! You oblivious little thing…

Others were more direct when it came to trolling the cab service

A few even launched threats of ditching Ola for Uber, its biggest competitor in India.

Conspiracy theorists would say this was all a clever ploy by Uber to get people to boycott Ola, and expanding its own customer base.

Eventually, something good did come out of it. Twitter users started promoting an online petition to welcome more women drivers. The petition exhorts Ola to train 200 women in Mumbai as cab drivers by the International Women’s Day in 2020.

The petition has already reached 26,763 signatures against a goal of 35,000 at the time of writing this article. All’s well that ends well, right?