Now there's a chai shop in Toronto, thanks to this Canadian couple's love for Indian Masala tea

A Canadian couple opened a restaurant in Toronto dedicated to Indian Masala Chai. The favourite Indian beverages goes international.

Masala Chai is one of the most favourite Indian beverages. A normal day in an Indian household doesn’t start without chai but a Canadian couple was smitten by the beverage so much so that they decided to open a restaurant in Toronto and named it ‘Chaiwala’.

Masala Chai Canada

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And you’ll be surprised to know that Eamon and Becca, the Canadian couple, didn’t taste the Indian beverage in India but Australia. They have a website and a ‘delicious-looking’ Instagram account dedicated to their shop.

Both of them were working in Australia when they met a Melbourne Cafe owner, George Manousakis, who had an experience of over 11 years in blending tea.

It’s time to let you all in on our little secret. We’re going national! . We created #ChaiwalaChai to share not only a healthier (more delicious) chai with all of you but to also encourage a healthier lifestyle. And it’s time that we practice what we preach by combining our passion of travel & adventure with great tea & entrepreneurship. . Life is truly like a cup of tea. Only in the present can you savour the aroma, taste the sweetness, appreciate the delicacy. If you’re worrying about the future or too focused on your past you will completely miss the experience. You’ll look down and the tea will be gone. . In our effort to stop the glorification of being busy, we’re slowing things down and living simply. So simply that everything we need will be with us in our new van/mobile office/home ( say to #TrinityTheSprinter). . The plan? We’re going to travel across our beautiful country and meet with like-minded cafe owners who want to partner up! We’d love to collaborate with your favourite cafes so please comment below with your suggestions . For more behind the scenes about #vanlife check out our insta stories

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And to perfect the blend of their Masala Chai at the Chaiwala shop, they all travelled through all the ‘chai-drinking nations of Asia’.

Be it simmering hot cup of Masala chai or a chilled Iced-Tea, the couple seem to be acing their art of chai-making!


Oh, happy days! Cold brew #ChaiwalaChai to help ring in a great weekend. What are your weekend plans?

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Indian’s favourite beverage goes international, can we already say, we are feeling proud !

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