Not Krunal Pandya, Twitter hails this aunty as Mumbai Indians' real saviour in IPL final 2017

As thrilling as the IPL 2017 final match was, the victory cannot entirely be attributed to Mumbai Indians.

The Mumbai Indians took home the Indian Premier League trophy for the third time in a row in last night’s nail-biting final match against Rising Pune Supergiants. While it seemed that RSP might emerge triumphant this year, MI took the IPL by storm by beating the Supergiants by a single run in a miraculous victory.

So, how did this miracle happen on that sensational night at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad? Did Mumbai Indians finally finding their rhythm in the last over or was it a fluke? Or, was it a certain lady’s prayers that did the trick. According to Twitter, it was definitely the last-minute communication with God that turned the tide in MI’s favour.

During the last over, when MI needed seven runs to win against four balls, everyone was concentrated on the field, and an adorable aunty in the crowd showed up on the screen with her hands folded and eyes shut as she sent up a quick prayer. As it turned out, her prayers were answered when Mumbai Indians surprised the crowd with an astonishing victory.

If you think that that’s the whole play then you’re in for a surprise ’cause picture abhi baaki hain mere dost. While this “aunty” seems totally regular, she’s actually Reliance Industries’ Nita Ambani’s mom, Purnima Dalal. In a reply to Buzzfeed India’s tweet, Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan revealed this appalling new detail.

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