Next Ranu Mondal? Listen To This Uber Driver Sing 'Nazar Ke Samne'

Uber driver Vinod Sharma has gone viral for singing Kumar Sanu's 'Nazar ke Samne'

Uber driver Vinod Sharma who drives a taxi in Lucknow has gone viral for singing Kumar Sanu’s ‘Nazar ke Samne’. He was discovered by Twitter user ‘@crowngaurav’ who notified Uber India and YouTube India Uber says that they keep receiving mentions for Sharma’s ‘musical rides’.

With over six thousand views, the clip was flooded with people praising Vinod for his singing skills and the soulful rendition of the hit song.. Moreover, Uber India also responded to the tweet and wrote, “Mr Vinod is one famous driver-partner who keeps on receiving positive mentions on our pages for his musical rides. We’re glad to hear this #UberStar’s passionate voice being recognized and shared by the good Samaritans of the internet.”

Sharma also has a YouTube channel where he sings renditions of various Bollywood songs while sitting in his car.