News daily incorrectly calls Anupam Kher a 'Senior Congress Leader', this is how he responded

Actor Anupam Kher was irked by his new designation and tweeted a picture of the newspaper, pointing out their "big mistake."

Anyone who follows news around Bollywood actor Anupam Kher or keeps track of his Twitter account would know of his political views. After all, the 62-year-old actor hardly ever shies away from talking about it. Regardless, Kher is a talented actor and earlier in October, he was appointed the Chairman of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). However, it looks like the actor now has a whole new designation. Recently, a leading daily recently made the huge mistake of affiliating Kher to a political party.

On Monday, a report published in DNA about the Kher’s take on people standing for the Indian National Anthem linked him to the Indian National Congress. Right under his statement which read, “If people can stand in queues for hours to get into cinema halls and party venues, then why can they not stand for 52 seconds for the National Anthem,” do you see it? He has been listed as a ‘Senior Congress Leader’.

Needless to say, Kher felt the urge to point out their error. He tweeted out a picture of the article and requested them to fix their “big mistake.” Here is his tweet:

Given the influence of their oversight, DNA posted an apology which read:

“In a report headlined ‘Standing for National Anthem shows person’s upbringing’, published on October 30, 2017, veteran actor and FTII Chairman Anupam Kher has been wrongly described as a ‘Senior Congress Leader’. The error is deeply regretted, and we offer our apologies to Mr Kher — Editor.”

Here is how people reacted to the incident on Twitter:

Guess they will be more mindful the next time.

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