Narendra Modi's 'mitron' could be the most dangerous word of 2016; wink wink

A social media post explaining the meaning of the word 'mitron' is going viral

Prime Minister Narendra Modi usually uses the word Mitron to lovingly address his audience during live telecasts or election rallies or addressing any public gathering. And it is because of his frequent use that the word ‘Mitron‘, which basically means friends, has become quiet popular. So popular that it’s even part of the glossary now! Well, just kidding.

An internet post on the origin and definition of the word is going viral. The way the etymology of the word is traced is hair-splittingly funny. According to the viral post, the word refers to “A large group of unsuspecting people, about to be hit by something they will take a long time to recover from”. The post also provides an example:

Mitron, from midnight 8th November, the poor will get poorer.’

The demonetisation policy came into effect from the midnight of 8th November. The post surfaced a month after the Prime Minister made the announcement.

AAP and Congress leaders are happily sharing the post.

Even the commoners are cashing in on the mitron trend with some witty additions:

Recently, a skit by All India Backchod also poked fun at the Prime Minister for using the word Mitron to address his audience while making life-changing announcements.