Narendra Modi, Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan, 'The Floor is' memes take over Twitter

The memes that are doing rounds since morning have janta dragging every possible person they could think of.

Twitter janta  is savage, and Indians more so, and they have proved it yet again with the latest ‘The Floor is…’ memes. From Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to absconding industrialist Vijay Mallya, from Salman Khan to Katrina Kaif to iconic cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, the  janta has dragged every possible person they could think of. Of all the memes are doing rounds on the Twitter since morning the best ones are the ones Indians have put up. With their brilliant sense of humour, Indians have already proven that the fidget spinner existed in India since times immemorial with the best example of Lord Krishna and his Sudarshan Chakra. LOL. So, the latest ‘The Floor is’ meme shows a person who is in the air doing a split as if trying to avoid touching the floor. The memes in which these popular personalities have been cropped into seem funnier with these people cropped into situations in which they would avoid the floor.

Legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar was lately in news for one of the worst attendance in the Upper House of Parliament, Rajya Sabha. So sample this:


For PM Narendra Modi, who has to travel abroad for his foreign agreements and meetings, Twitter has this to say:

Oops, Vijay Mallya is not being spared anywhere it seems, from stadiums to Twitter:

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This is what Twitter has to say about the superhero, Spiderman. This is just one of the many on Spiderman:

And, so many of us can relate to this one. A good internet connection in India is a blessing:

We are sure almost all the youngsters would find this funny:

And, wait, not to forget Bollywood’s  famous actress Katrina Kaif. Twitter thinks that she has wooden facial expressions.  We aren’t saying it, Twitter is:

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