Muslims do condemn terrorism, this 19-year-old girl proves it with a 712-page document

Annoyed with a jibe asserting that "Muslims don't condemn terrorism," Heraa came up with a 712 page list to prove that Muslims do condemn terrorist attacks.

“Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims,” how often have you heard this? Possibly a number of times. Seldom does anyone come up to say, “All Christians are terrorist” or “All Jews are terrorists”. This is what 19-year-old American student Heraa Hashmi had to hear and she gave it back with an epic response.

Annoyed with a classmate’s jibe saying that “Muslims don’t condemn terrorism,” Heraa came up with a 712 page list mentioning several instances to prove that Muslims  do condemn terrorist attacks. Apparently, Heraa’s classmate came up to her and told her that “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims,” while questioning her that why did the Muslim not object to the attacks that take place.

Heraa went back home and made a 712 page long list of Muslims Condemning Things with sources.

The list includes the names of people who condemned on which particular attack with the link of the article with the location. The list included more than 5500 examples where Muslims have hit out terrorism. She went on to take this initiative to counter Islamophobia. You can check the link here.

Her tweet has been liked more 35000 times and has been retweeted more than 18000 times. While speaking to a media house, she affirmed that it was not fair for all the Muslims to apologise for what few terrorists did. Furthermore, the 712-page document also led to a birth of a website where Muslims across the globe come out to condemn terrorist attacks.