Mother's heartwarming post about daughter's stepmom will make you cry happy tears

A woman's post about wholeheartedly accepting her ex-husband's wife as her daughter's mother has gone viral for all beautiful reasons. Read it here.

Accepting another woman in your husband’s life is as it is hard for a wife, even an ex-wife. Accepting a stepmother for your kids is even harder but not when you have a positive attitude towards life. A woman’s post about wholeheartedly accepting her ex-husband’s wife as her daughter’s mother has gone viral for all beautiful reasons. The post has already gathered 21k reactions and more than 26 k comments, but that is totally immaterial. The beauty of the post lies in the fact that the daughter call her new mother ‘bonus mommy’. Adorable, isn’t it?

The woman named Hayley Booth also shared an equally adorable photograph of all three of them where the ‘two mommies are walking their daughter to her classroom on her first day of the school’. It is only rare to find such relationships in this complex world.

The woman has beautifully written how people often get confused about how easy it is for her to have such a smooth relationship with her ex and his wife. Her answer is simply heartwarming.

Often times I have people ask me how my ex, his wife, my husband and I co-parent so flawlessly.My answer is always the same– We just love our daughter.
Seriously, it’s just that simple.
We all love her, and nothing will ever change that.
No child deserves to be tossed around back and forth, used as a bargaining chip, or to be put in the middle of any adult drama. She didn’t choose to be born, and she certainly never chose for her parents to get divorced.
Why would we make her life any harder by making her choose which set of parents to love?

She shares how women, often, tell her that they would never let their kids call their stepmom, mommy. Hayley’s response to this is so touching and so true.

I would never tell my daughter she can’t call her bonus mommy ‘mommy’ because it would hurt her deeply. She is her mommy not only when she spends time with her dad, but all the time.
Sometimes you just have to put the petty little things aside, to raise your child to be the amazing human being they are meant to be.

Below are people’s responses to the post:

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Here’s Hayley Booth’s entire Facebook post.

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