Mom wrote to Hindustan Pencils about her left-handed daughter's problem. Their response is winning the internet

This mom wanted to take action when her left-handed daughter told her that she was having a tough time in school. Read on:

Today in heartwarming-stories-on-the-internet, we stumbled upon a mom’s post about Hindustan pencils’ response to her complaint. Shweta Singh’s daughter told her that she struggled to sharp her pencil while other kids could easily do it. Wait before you jump to conclusions or start thinking that the kid is suffering from some disorder. The fact is that Shweta’s daughter is left-handed in this right-handed dominated world.

Being a concerned parent, Shweta knew she had to do something. So, she wrote to the pencil-makers and within a week’s time received a response that was no less than heartwarming. Not only did the Hindustan Pencils Pvt Ltd take note of the issue, they made sure they addressed Shweta’s concern in a proper manner.

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Shweta shared a post on Facebook thanking and lauding Hindustan Pencils:

Once my daughter was very upset as she returned from school. I asked her for the reason. She replied ” Mummy I am unable to sharpen my pencil where as all the other kids easily do that. ” I thought for the reason and realised that the sharpeners available in market are manufactured for the right handed people. It is very difficult for a 4 year old left handed skilled kid to use it.
I found stationeries for left hand writing skilled kids online however they were very expensive. A sharpner was costing around INR 700 to INR 1200.
I wrote about this problem to one of the leading manufacturers of stationeries Hindustan pencils Pvt Ltd( manufacturers of Natraj and apsara pencils). They were very helpful. I got a call from a person at a respectable position from the company. He tried to understand my concern and promised to help.
Within a week’s time I received a sharpner specially designed for left hand writing skills. They didn’t have that available as a normal product. They took efforts and designed the sharpner specially for my kid.
I am really thankful to the company. Lovely customer service.

Isn’t that just the cutest thing ever? Not only did Hindustan Pencils reply to her concern, but they also sent her custom-made pencils for her left-handed daughter. None of us ever spare a thought about it, but left-handed kids do face a lot of problems, majorly because everything is designed according to a right-handed person’s comfort.

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