These pictures of 'Ghost Shark' caught on camera will send chills down your spine!

Pointy-nosed blue chamaera known as "ghost shark" caught alive on video by accident.

The disturbing and scary looking Blue Chimaera shark, also known as the “Ghost Shark” has been captured on video by accident. The fish was captured in waters which are believed to be its previous home. Monterey Ray Aquarium Research Institute caught a glimpse of the shark at 6,700 feet in the waters near California, central California, and Hawaiin Islands.



What’s more interesting about the incident is that the Institute wasn’t exactly looking for footage of this shark. It was accidentally discovered by divers in different waters on different occasions.



Hydrolagus Trolli is the name of the shark. The institute said:

Hydrolagus cf. trolli was previously only known to occur in the southern Pacific Ocean off of Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia


The shark has been named after an artist Ray Troll who was inspired by sea animals and creatures throughout his life. “Cf” stands for confirmed which means that the creature is Hydrolagus Trolli but it is yet to be confirmed.


What’s even more interesting and thought-provoking is the fact that these sharks are older than dinosaurs! This creature has often been used in several science fiction novels too. The fish carries a sex organ on its forehead which is the reason behind it’s weirdly shaped forehead.


“It looks like it was stitched together from other fish parts.” Enio Leyva wrote on National Geographic video.


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