Meet Aakash Shah: the mastermind behind hilarious Bombay High Court parody account

After being immensely popular on Twitter on Facebook, Aakash launched his website Spoofcourt on Thursday which allows people to pass their own laws

Whenever there is a controversial judgement by The Bombay High court, a good section of our society gets offended. Keeping this into consideration, Mumbai resident Aakash Shah, 21, with a witty sense of humour, realised that a parody account of the Bombay high court will be a great idea.

A copy writer by profession, Aakash knows Mumbai pretty well and started the page Bombay High Court which clearly says that “believing everything on the internet without a blue tick is punishable by death”. The page has been liked by many youngsters who also tag others which in turn increases the number of followers on this page.
Within a few months it achieved so much popularity on social media especially Facebook that Aakash is coming up with a new website called ““. This website was launched on Thursday and allows people to pass their own laws. Anyone can visit the site to contribute and for a laughter riot.
“Now popularity is such that people post their own laws on my page or in comment section that triggered me to come with website. Bombay High Court fans will love it to pass their own laws,” Aakash said while talking to InUth.
Aakash wants people to accept humour rather than getting offended by it. Though he has not received any negative comment for his page, he was advised to take down the page as it insults the court. Something that he doesn’t agree with.
Ironically, a lot of people followed it thinking it was the official page of Bombay High court but disliked after they realised that it was a parody account. However, even if they unfollowed the page, most of them had got their dose of laughter. His new website promises to come with much more hilarious laws and this parody does not seem to stop soon!
Text by Deven D Lad