Manipur school girls drag out stuck bus by forming human chain, image goes viral

You can see the girl forming a human chain to pull up a bus stuck in the mud while on their way to Loktak lake in Manipur

What would you do if a bus breaks down while you’re on a trip? Most of them would step out and crib about the entire situation while asking the driver to fix. However, that is not what these students from Manipur did. In an incredible show of strength, a group of girls from Manipur came together to pull out a bus stuck in the mud.

A photo of these girls making efforts to pull a bus is going crazy viral on the social media. As per a tweet from a social media user, these Manipuri girls who were on a study trip to Loktak Lake came together to pull the bus when it broke down and got stuck in the mud.  You can see the girls forming a human chain and trying to pull a bus up with a huge rope.

For those who are not aware, Loktak Lake which is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast has the world’s only floating National park. Soon after the image went viral on Twitter, people lauded the effort made by the girls and asserting that the photo was extremely fascinating. However, some of them refused to believe that the image was not fake and started to come up with their own logic. Here’s how the Twitter reacted:

Some even raised questios about how the roads were still underconstruction and no efforts were being made to repair them.

And then there were some cynics