Man pranks airport passengers with a simple trick, leaves Twitter in splits

Twitter user David McDonald's pranks are so evil that they are actually hilarious. Click here to read tweets

Twitter is an evil and simultaneously the most entertaining place. With round the clock changing trends and goofy trolls, Twitterati never find themselves in the doldrums. In fact, you can always look out for some good punny humour and have a good laugh. Twitter has been the origin of many epic trolls and memes so far which have ruled social media for a good amount of time. From POTUS Donald Trump’s orb to Pakistani Gormint Aunty video, witty memes unites the world as they share a unanimous joy of trolling.

Twitter user David McDonald (@JustBasicDave) levelled up him his social media game by a few notch when he posted a video of him pranking fellow passengers at the Miami International Airport. Can you guess what he did? Well, he put stickers all around the airport- that looked exactly like a power outlet. Pure evil David, pure evil!

Next, he filmed people coming near the outlet and trying to charge their phones.

His tweet has gone massively viral with more than 20k likes and 9k retweets. These videos are hilarious but will also leave you feeling bad about the innocent victims. Twitteratis are having a blast over David’s pranks. Some are even terming him the ‘evil god’ of Twitter. Here are the tweets:

Sinister much, David?

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