AIB's 'Honest Campus Placements' is a hilarious reminder of college politics [Watch]

This video by AIB is an honest reflection on how students are reared, bred and bargained like cattle by companies

As the season for campus placements winds up, All India Bakchod (AIB) is back with yet another video and this time they are talking about Honest Campus Placements. The video is based on three friends who are currently in an engineering college. In this typical set-up, the three engineering students are busy enjoying their life in the stereotypical nature of an atypical college student, when they find out that campus placements are about to begin. But the big question is: Will they get placed?


The cast has Kumar Varun as Failure Mehta, Naveen Polishetty as Average Mishra, Rahul Subramanian as Overachiever Gokhale. The video is an honest reflection of the politics inside an engineering college, from the over-achieving student to the hopeless one who is tagged as a failure, this video paints a vivid sketch of these characters from our daily college lives.


The video also showcases the mad tension from an examination hall and the scramble to achieve a decent grade which is acceptable by society’s standards. From the fear of being labelled as “just average” for the rest of his life, to the anxieties that the peer pressure builds, Honest Campus Placements is a multi-faceted portrayal of what goes on within the confines of an engineering institute. The video can be seen as an over-arching representation of the rat race that ensues in almost every college in the run up to placements.


Girish Narayandass and Vishal Dayama are the real winners here, who have written amazingly blunt caricatures and made the students quite relatable characters. The brilliance of the video is how it targets a latent message aimed at the way in which our flawed education system conditions us.


The way students are compared to a cattle-like figure, following mob mentality and being traded around for their worth, goes on to speak volumes about the way in which top conglomerates go about hand-picking their future employees almost like they are fresh vegetables in a wholesale market.


You can watch the three installations of the video here: