Looking for fashion inspiration? Look no further than this agender model's Instagram

Rain Dove is an agender model, who doesn't want to box herself, neither as a male nor as a female. Rain walks the ramp in both menswear and women's wear. Read on.

Most of us understand fashion in the sense of menswear and women’s wear and models as heterogeneous, male and female models. But there exists another category – agender, for those not confining to or conforming to the stereotypical gender norms. The international fashion industry, which until recently conformed to this notion of male and female models looking, carrying themselves, and dressing a particular way, has broken off from that image. Because models like Rain Dove have arrived. Rain Dove who identifies herself as ‘gender capitalist’ representing ‘human’ in fashion, film and activism on social media, has been walking the ramp both as a woman and a man for years now and is flawlessly beautiful and handsome.

In a world which is still trying to grasp the concepts of bodily and gender rights, Rain Dove is an agender model, who doesn’t want to box herself neither as male or a female. Rain walks the ramp catwalking in both menswear and women’s wear. More than her gender fluid looks, her confidence allows her to do that and not let her fit in a gender binary. Moreover, it is only amazing to see the grace with which Rain Dove carries herself.

In a bold move to make people aware of the rights of a person to choose their gender and carry themselves the way they love to, Rain Dove’ s attempt at breaking off from the binary gender in fashion and otherwise is praiseworthy.

1. Elegant? Or Handsome? We say both.

When walking home in a dress at night, I leave my headphones around my neck so that I can be aware of all the things around me because I often will experience catcalling, physically violent transphobic attacks or appear more vulnerable for predators. I wait until the train/bus to sit back to my favorite tunes. But when walking in (as labeled) “men’s” shorts and a collared shirt I can put on my headphones/Rozebuds and listen to music every step of the way because I feel safe and confident. Same person. Same color scheme of clothing. Same night. Different treatment. It’s not right. I’m not a victim by any means- but I am a bit miffed at this inequality. ————————————— (This insight and post was sponsored by Rozebuds- a budding company that created these cool wireless headphones that also turn into a necklace. This IS a paid post and 60% of the $ will be going to the metropolitan LGBTQ+ youth homeless shelter in honor of Pride Month. If you want to learn more about their creative product then check my IG stories this week or click the link in bio. If you DO decide “Hey these are cool I want to buy some” then use the link in the bio and I will donate $9 for every pair directly to homeless youth. Thanks @hellorozebuds !) #EducateDontHate #SleepWalker #WhenThingsGoBumpInTheNightAndYouDontWantThemTo #lgbt #qpiadkh #genderfluid #gendercapitalism #tookthemidnighttraingoinganywhere #rozebuds #BreezingBetweenMyLegsInADress photo @thejoecardamone style @kirkir_demmy

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Her Instagram photos have a description with a message. Each one is hard-hitting.

2. The street-look. Same person. Same day. Why is the outfit so important? 

Same person, same outfit cost and color, same day- different perceived worth. I took to the streets of LA/Seattle and asked people “How much money do you think I have in my bank account right now?” While wearing each outfit. The answers were drastically different. In the collared shirt and pants most people thought I had $10-20,000 in my account. But in the dress they said $1-5000. ———————————- When I asked why people thought I only had $1-5,000 in my account while in a dress the two most common responses were “Well, you’re trans right? So don’t statistics say that trans people are typically poorer?” Or “As a girl you’re not ugly but with your short hair and face you definitely look alternative. I just kinda thought maybe it isn’t easy for someone who looks like you to get a job? Like customer service wise?” ———————————– So to be seen as worth more I’ll wear the look on the left. And work hard to lift up the people who wear the look on the right so maybe the perceptions change. ———————————– #EducateDontHate #MilkMilkLemonade #animalkingdom #gendercapitalism #lgbtq #piadkh #genderreveal #wearenotgender #wearesomethingmorecomplexandnonhomogenous #frolicfrolic @isobellovespink @outofthecloset thrift store (donated back at the end of the project)

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3. As it says ‘Love the skin you are in.’

There are things people often think I am that ARE “commonly most advantageous” & usually safest (in my personal experience). Here is the list in order! (also race is added in there because it factors into the perception of the “gender” big time) . 1) Hetero Cis White Male- 2) Gay Cis White Male- 3) Cis White Lesbian/Bisexual- 4) Any Sexuality White Trans Male- 5) Hetero Cis White Female- 6) Any Sexuality White Trans Female. WHY?! Find out as I literally strip down in @stylelikeu most recent video- and share a bit of my story. If you’re interested the link is in my bio. Id love to hear your story too so feel free to always DM! #IAmWhatsUnderneath #lovetheskinyourein #thenakedtruth #lgbtqpiadkh #lgbtq #genderfluid #pffffftgenderisbasicallymakebelieve

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4. Fabric cannot decide gender. Can it? or Should it? 

5. One word. Powerful.

“MENS” vs “WOMENS” Running #Olympic Attire. LAST IMAGE IN SERIES While the “women” typically wear “more revealing” garments when it comes to track- I actually felt that their outfit was far more advantageous than the “mens” when it comes to moving. I asked why men don’t compete shirtless or with shorter undergarments that hugged their curves like the “women” shorts do. I was told that many times “men” are required to wear a shirt to be able to better identify them. And that the shorts were a matter of comfort because many “male” athletes are anxious about their genitals potentially popping out. I found this somewhat humorous as many people have told me that they fear the same thing about some of the “WOMENS” outfits. Also interestingly many “women” runners often have a full face of makeup while running, and this year some had neat gold tattoos. The reason being that they knew cameras and sponsors were watching them up close on TV. Men didn’t even have foundation on- and didn’t worry about the same type of thing. The The real issue that “women” have in this sport, since it IS so revealing- is that people often doubt a talented runners true “sex” if that person has “too much muscle tone”, “too much body hair”, or are “too fast”. In fact, several “women” runners with too high of “testosterone” have been forced in their countries to do hormone therapy and even get partial clitoral removal because their hormones are seen as not feminine and too advantageous. This is my final 5/5 photos of the Olympic athletic attire comparisons between “men” and “women”. For the other 4 view the past four posts on this profile. Practical? Designed for the sport and body? Or just sexploitation? What I found out surprised me. And maybe it will you too. Not every revealing outfit is sexist. And yet sexism via design has not fully left sports. Every day through honesty and open communication we get closer to a work that sees simply sport. Not sex. @markwijs #meepmeep #TRACKtheprogress #testoroneisntjustforpenises #mengetoppressedtoo #lovewins #lgbt #qpia #genderfluid #genderreveal #tomboy #himonidothisnow

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6. Exactly… we just see the ravishing red! Beauty bigger than clothing. 

7. This one drives the point home. Dress doesn’t matter, person does. 

Lemurs will love me either way. Because no matter how I dress I’m still the same I- with the same heart, mind, and fistful of treats. ——————————– Volunteering at the @btnwildlife refuge. This place rehabs wild creatures like possums, raccoons and bobcats then releases them back to Nature! (The lemurs are permanent educator residents obviously!) actual dirty not pretty posing photos coming soon. We worked so hard and it was so fun!!!! If you would like to get in shape and save money I suggest quitting the gym and getting involved with a cause that makes you move. It’s rewarding and it’s great for not just the muscles but the heart and mind. Intersectional activism is SO important. We must care about more than ourselves and the causes that affect us directly. #theytriedtogroommyarmpithair #educatedonthate #animalkingdom #clothingshouldntbeaprison #lemursarematriarchalwhichisaninterestingfact#genderfluid #genderreveal #gendercapitalism #lgbt #qpia #h #lovewins #tomboy #lemur

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If nature doesn’t differentiate, who are we to do so?

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