Kid crashes dad's interview on Al Jazeera, video goes viral

Al Jazeera had a 'BBC moment', when kid videobombed dad's live interview

Remember last year’s ‘BBC dad’ who got viral after his kids barged into his room in the middle of an interview? This year, it is the Al Jazeera dad’– a film historian– who has become internet’s favourite, after his kid made a ‘special apperance’ during the live interview. In fact, the news organisation put out a tweet saying ‘We just had a BBC moment on Live TV’ and the text on the video read ‘during a live interview with the historian, we had a special appearance’

Here’s Al Jazeera’s tweet:

The adorable dad-son duo soon went viral on social media with people even suggesting that ‘having kids in the background can make the news a lot more bearable’. We can’t agree more. And, the kid in the video not only took part in the discussion (with his father) about Hollywood, he can be also seen running a car on his dad’s shoulder in the video.