Kalki Koechlin redefines GST in this hard-hitting video everyone needs to watch

Menstruation is a natural process and women still have to pay a tax of 12 per cent on sanitary pads. While 'airport looks' get so much publicity, no one seems to be talking about this. Are we getting our priorities right? Watch video.

Actress Kalki Koechlin has once again featured in a powerful and hard-hitting video asking why do we have tax on sanitary pads. In the video by Bollywood Bubble, Kalki talks about how for a process as natural as menstruation, women still have to pay a tax of 12 per cent on sanitary pads. The video starts with Kalki saying, ‘I don’t know about Acche Din but humari life mein har mahine 5 not-so-acche-din toh hote hi hain’, thus making an important point about the current times and at the same time, stating an obvious thing about menstruation.

Further in the video, Kalki takes a dig at how sanitary pads like ‘Stayfree’ aren’t tax-free. While she rightly points out people debating everything in this country ‘from stupid airport looks to religious crooks’, no one seems to show any interest in important issues such as these. On the contrary, people tend to think women who are making this an issue are ‘crazy’ because apparently, it’s because of these menstruating women that office work gets affected (because women want period leaves!) and if they enter the kitchen at ‘that time of the month’, the kitchen becomes impure.

Watch the entire video “Girls Ko Satao Tax (GST)’ featuring Kalki Koechlin here:

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Fingers crossed that someone’s listening.