Journalist mocks 8-year-old drag queen, tweet spectacularly backfires

In an epic fail, a journalist attempted to mock an 8-year-old drag queen and instead, got schooled on literally anything and everything.

We are in the year 2017 where space ventures are perfectly imaginable. Doing away with gender binary classification… not so much, but going to outer space is definitely not a dream. Actually, it hasn’t been one for decades now. Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made history by journeying into outer space way back in 1961. Fast forward to 2017, this one journalist mocked an 8-year-old drag queen, with a factually (and grammatically) incorrect, embarrassment of an attempt of a meme.

Ian Miles Cheong tweeted a picture of an 8-year-old boy who also goes by his drag queen alter-ego Lactatia. He captioned the picture, “1977: We’ll going to go to space in 40 years. It’ll be amazing! 2017:” thereby, sarcastically taking a jibe at the advancements humans have made in the last four decades. However, as most of us know, space was already “Been There. Done That” by 1977. In fact, it was only 1969 when Neil Armstrong did his historic moonwalk. Obviously, Cheong needed to do a quick fact check before going on social media.

Here is Cheong’s original tweet:

Needless to say, the internet was ruthless in reminding him of his fallacies. And we say fallac-IES because…

1. Scientific fact:

2. Grammar:

3. Believing children can’t explore themselves:

Basically, it was THE mess up of 2017. Now, what is a man to do except to accept his mistake and move on? Apparently, for Cheong, that was not a rheotorical question and he went on to do this:

Say, what?! Did he just hit rock bottom? What’s next? Claiming humans never went to space and all those moon landing videos were all fake? He didn’t do that, but he got pretty close…

So. Much. Cringe.

The internet settled it once and for all as they brought out their worst:

Internet, never change please.

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