It only took Ellen DeGeneres 8 (brutal) points to review iPhone X and iPhone 8 - Watch

The new iPhones launched by Apple are a source of mirth now that everyone is over the obsession, Ellen DeGeneres breaks down the latest launch

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a ray of hope for those who cannot find any in this negative world. And Ellen DeGeneres is a gem and there is no one on this planet who can hate her (fan alert!). And she has yet again proved that nobody can host a show quite like her. Her sheer wit and friendly persona has everyone hooked onto every word of her show. And when Ellen said that “Apple has a big announcement and so do I.” Everyone was excited.

When the new iPhone was launched, trust Ellen to break it down for all confused Apple fans and the opposing Android loyalist camp. And of course, she had to go ahead and do so in a funny way for her audience. Ellen began with a very innocent: “I have a huge announcement to make.” This obviously had her fans hooting for her as she anticipated something big and amazing coming their way, because it’s Ellen, right? What could the big announcement be, everyone wondered. But her big announcement was nothing short of a laughing riot.

She thought that if she also said that she had a huge announcement, she might get the same kind of response:

1. When she gave her big announcement:

2. When she explained why iPhone 8 is already obsolete

3. When she solved the mystery about where iPhone 9 went

4. When she gave us some background reference for the reason ten is symbolized as “X”

5. When she gave the reason behind a major change in the model

6. When she gave helpful advice about alternatives to put your phone on charge:

7. When she gave an NSFW detail we all may have missed

8. When she decoded the face recognition beautifully

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Isn’t she awesome?

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