Internet's new favourite meme: This gorilla 'discussing the legend of Harambe'

The insightful and enlightened gorilla had a lot of interesting things to offer and understood the importance of 'keeping it brief'.

Social media’s new favourite meme is this gorilla ‘giving a TED Talk’, talking about the ‘legend of Harambe’, ‘taking a lecture in a park’ among discussing various interesting things. Forget Shah Rukh Khan’s TED Talk, move over all the boring lectures you’ve ever been tortured with during your classes, this insightful and enlightened gorilla has a lot of interesting things to offer and understands the importance of ‘keeping it brief’. LOL.

The original photograph or post was put out by the Los Angeles website with the description ‘Weekened Planner: 20 awesome events happening in Los Angeles’. The photograph used by them happened to be that of a gorilla, which caught the attention of the meme-makers, who then let their thoughts run amuck and how. The photograph is that of the gorilla facing a bunch of people in the Los Angeles zoo, but it seems like that the people are listening to the gorilla with rapt attention, as he is delivering some enlightening speech.

Here’s the original post put up by a Los Angeles website listing out events happening in the town over the weekend:

Much to the relief of his audience, the gorilla completely understands the pain of an endless lecture and that things do get boring if you take too long to get to your point:

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Why not appreciate the good weather , it is always good to study in an open space:

Move over Plato’s boring ‘Allegory of the cave’, let’s keep it simple:

Some brilliant people tried this:

This gorilla didn’t forget his friend Harambe, so Harambe’s unfortunate death was also discussed. Harambe was a gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo, who was killed after a three-year-old boy jumped into his enclosure. To save the little boy, one of the zoo officials shot Harambe. The incident took place in 2016.

This gorilla was obviously concerned about it and decided to openly talk about his fear and outrage :

The gorilla also discussed the highs and the lows of his life and of course, food:

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