Internet shares horror stories of office rules that made life hell at the workplace

When the boss makes ludicrous rules that you can't tolerate, you go to the internet and vent. Read on

The Internet is so full of frustrated souls that it has become a platform to vent out feelings. Like this Reddit post for instance What’s the most ridiculous rule in your place of work? where people shared the brutal rules that govern them at their workplace and won’t let them be the free spirits they are meant to be. When Reddit users began pooling their resources, the result was a lot of stories for the twisted norms they have had to live with at different offices.

From strict policies requiring people wearing goggles while operating a – wait for it – a stapler, to the other absurd rules that could only be taken for someone’s vendetta against the poor souls who are called employees. Someone would have had a bad fight at home or was perhaps really pissed at this one employee for turning in their project late and not meeting the targets. Because these rules could have only come from a sadistic person’s black heart which was resurrected from the horrors of hell. We handpicked the most ridiculous rules from the popular thread and the collection sure is a keeper.

Take a look:

1. When the office doesn’t let you drink from water bottles

2. When you can’t just simply send an email the moment you have typed it out because bro who will select its purpose

3. When taking a break is a problem because your boss may not know the difference between vacation and day-off

4. No sliding of desks at work, you need movers for that

5. Staplers are dangerous things

6. When swearing is limited to conversations with clients. Excuse me, what?

7. When you need to give a reason while leaving the workplace

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So what was the weirdest workplace rule that you had to follow?

Source: Reddit

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