Chatterbox to Candy Crush pros: 13 types of people you are likely to meet in Delhi Metro

The world where arguments, fights, pushing and shoving can never quit to give us the ultimate goal of a pleasant metro ride

All of us who live in the national capital, have at some point in our lives, traveled on Delhi Metro. Some might be occasional travelers and others are practically living inside the metro, commuting for almost two hours a day one side. And the everyday commute is full of adventures with the scuffling, shuffling, hustling and bustling passengers. It is sometimes a little too much to take, considering that you are already bogged down by the lack of sleep early in the morning or are too tired from everything that didn’t go your way at work. Add to that the chaos of the metro and if the metro commuter is obnoxious, it can literally be a hell of a ride.

Only a few of you can relate to the struggle that comes with traveling during the peak hours. It only appears to be karma coming back to take revenge for some evil that you committed in the past lifetime, because it shouldn’t be this bad. The agony and misery of suffering people who do not have the common decency of traveling in the public transport is one hell of a task.


Popular Quora thread Who are the most annoying co-passengers in the Delhi Metro?  lists the bizarre co-passengers you’re likely to come across:

    1. The one who won’t get up: Way too many millennials that think that following the golden rule of public transport: giving the seat to someone older than them, is BS. Like this one incident when a 50-year-old walked in to the metro, this man tried to get her a seat for the old lady as shared on Quora –“Me:  (to the 20-year old) Excuse me, don’t you think you should offer your seat to her? (pointing towards the old lady)
      The girl: Thanks for telling me, I don’t care to.
      Me: But the seat is reserved for old people.
      The girl: *checks out the lady* But she’s not older than 60
      Me: And you are?”
    2. The ones with Candy Crush: They don’t care what is happening around them, all they care about is crossing the next stage. 
    3. The Sprint Runners: The one who is always running on the platform and in the metro. They are in such a hurry to get every that they end up jumping queues all the time.

    4. The Baggage Wars: The constant jhagda over removing the bag from their shoulders.

      Aap apna bag aagey kyun nahi karte” “Arey jagehnahi hai bhai!”

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    5. The station poopers: These people do not have the decent etiquette of behaving in the transit area at the metro station. Couples sit on the stairs inspite of repeated warnings and don’t get us started over escalator rules. It’s so simple to walk on the left and stand on the right, but people just don’t get it!

      People in Japan


      People in India


    6. The jabberwalkies: At one point there is so much chatter inside the metro compartment that it becomes difficult to even hear your own thoughts. People should not talk on the phone on top of that. I mean how do you manage with the fluctuating signal and all that noise. Howwww?
    7. The peek-a-boo: The ones who peek over your shoulders and want to check out your texts or worse just hover over you watching the movie you are watching. Here is some good advice: “Talk to you later, this  ________ (Insert cuss word(s) of your choice) behind me is trying to read every word I type.”
    8. The wailing kids: There should be a separate compartment for the crybabies. No seriously, I am going to write to DMRC for that.                        
    9. The staring-match: I don’t know what is with these people who are creepy and have all the tendencies of becoming a stalker.                             
    10. Pushity-push-push-push-pushity-push: We get it, you have to get down, but you don’t need to elbow so much, calm down and you will be able to get down.
    11. There’s still room, right? That one chap who thinks that they can still squeeze in even if the metro is overflowing and brimming with people.
    12. The foodies: I mean this is not a picnic people, you are not supposed to be munching away to glory within the metro compartments.                
    13. The over-friendly stranger: The people who will be random conversation starters and pro at making small talk. “bahut garmi hai na aaj” “kya chal raha hai life mai?”


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All these people would just make you quit traveling, but the metro is so nice and it has AC so we continue to battle the hoggers, the yellers, the abusers and the many other types of people we meet everyday.

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