Internet lists 7 disadvantages of high paying jobs and it will make you rethink your goals

While it is okay to have more money, it may not be suitable for everyone to be striving for a larger paycheck and chase after high salary jobs.

As children, we are often told to study harder so we could get smarter, get admissions into better colleges, get better jobs and earn more. The point of it all is to be able to live life at ease and to never have financial adversities take you by surprise. The chase after high salary jobs is pretty determined as such jobs are often glorified as ideals that everyone must look forward to. However, as luxurious as they may seem, high salary jobs also tend to have their drawbacks and while it is okay to have more money, it may not be suitable for everyone to be striving for a larger paycheck.

Often depending on the kind of person you are, earning more can have several negative effects. Here are 7 downsides to working a high salary job:

1. Your career kicks-off later

Before you are qualified enough for a high paying job, the first thing you need is to be educated enough and put in more years to build a strong academic record. You need to have certain degrees in hand to earn more money so, you will be relatively older when you find your first job.

2. Luxuries turn into necessities

As your paycheck increases, you feel more comfortable buying things you never had the money to purchase before. However, as time passes, these “things”, that seemed like luxury once and made you happy, will soon become normal and mundane. You will end up with more riches yet, you will return to the same level of happiness as you were before and find yourself on a hedonic treadmill.


3. Working hours get longer

With higher-paying jobs come more responsibilities. The higher up you are, the amount and quality of work expected from you also increase and to be able to match up, you end up stretching out your working hours. You are even supplied with certain add-ons like laptops and smartphones that only make it easier for you to put in more time by working from home.


4. Your health declines

While you are running around, chasing deadlines and working hard to deliver on quality, you often overlook the important things in life; like health. Once you land up in a high paying job, you will find that you have lesser time to work out and focus on eating healthy and in due time, your health suffers.


5. You turn into a workaholic machine

The pressure of always having to be on your toes is often internalised and you turn into a workaholic who makes sacrifices to work harder and advance at their jobs.


6. Your personal life shrivels

You might fail to notice, but as you are putting in more hours at work, you are doing it at the cost of your own personal life. Work eats up more of your time in the day and soon, you end up having no time for family and friends.


7. Job opportunities get thinner

As you climb higher in your professional life, the opportunties to grow continue to get thinner. The higher you are, the more stagnant your career becomes and the harder it gets for you to look for change.


(source: Quora)

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