She was fat-shamed by her crush and classmates, what she did next has the internet in splits

This is how young body-shaming begins. This is how we condition our little girls into hating their own bodies.

Briseyda Ponce, a teenager from Texas shared her little cousin’s sorry tale of childhood ‘romance’ gone wrong. Allysson Baires, who is only 8 years old, requested her older sister to take her for a run. The reason? Her crush at school (along with her other classmates) had called her fat. Even though Briseyda tried to reason and explain that Allysson need not succumb to peer pressure and exercise just because someone had fat-shamed her, the young girl was adamant.

Halfway through the run however, Allysson got zapped and decided to eat a snack. Those aware of how exercises work, would know that a Rice Krispie (made of butter and marshmellows) isn’t something you take in the middle of a run. The same people would also tell you just how much the urge binge-eat the minute one starts eating.

Taking a cue from the snacking, Briseyda decided to skip the run and talk to her little cousin instead about accepting her body and reaffirming that she is in fact beautiful just the way she is.

Briseyda’s tweet about the incident has received over 12k retweets and over 43k likes. Twitter has showered the 8-year-old and her teenager cousin with love.

But while everyone is up-in-arms over Allysson’s alleged crush’s fat-shaming, the former has forgotten the issue and already moved on.