Internet acts like a nosy relative, decides 'the best age for a woman to get married'

What is the best age for a woman to get married? Internet opines and advices, and you mustn't take it seriously. Read on.

What is the most best age for women to get married? The focus is on three words here, ‘age’, ‘women’ and ‘marriage’. Many single, working and successful girls in India would agree that this is a question that haunts them the most. Each city, each town, each locality in India has those ‘overly-concerned’ neighbours and each family has those ‘well-meaning’ relatives who are always worried about the biological clock of that one unmarried woman in their family/neighbourhood.

Someone on Quora was equally curious and felt a burning need to ask: “What is the best age to get married for a woman”, and put this discussion to rest for once and all. And some of the most enlightening answers came pouring in with some of the respondents opining that the best age for women to get married is anywhere between 16-25  with a ‘proper reasoning’. Woah! You definitely come across such wisdom on Quora that you don’t feel the need for books.

Check out some of the most amusing and entertaining responses to the question below:

1.  Get married early sista, or you’ll miss out on ‘spouse time’:

…But in any case, it would be better for a girl to get married early in life say before 25 years of age so that she and her husband get enough youthful years to enjoy life together as a couple and also get ample scope to plan for children along the way. It will also give the couple, more experience of being together in good and difficult circumstances before they are ready for parenting. ” — Abhishek Srivastava


2. When a woman turns 20, she automatically ensures the man’s maturity level as well:

At least twenty I think. They will be mature enough both physically, mentally and emotionally that they able to handle all family problems. At that age, they will have enough time to have fun, make friends, doing their hobbies and pursue their proper education. Their body have been full grown and health enough to bear a child. and the can make their own decision without other people ask or influence them.” — Ida Rahmanto from Indonesia


3.  Another day, another man decides what women ought to do:

Where? It depends on the culture, a lot.
In Arabic countries it may be around 16–18.
In India it may be around 18 or so.
In Eastern European countries it might be around 18–20.
In Western European countries it goes up to 24 or so…
And in Silicon Valley around 35. If they ever get married, that is…” — Mat Do from Romania


4.  Physical and mental lag? This one goes to the Museum of Absurdity.

According to nature, biology,  medicine – physiologically best time window is between 18-22 or 16-25. But socially – that’s another question. It depends on social pressure of cultural surrounding. In technologised Western world there is a known problem that most of young  people physiologically accelerate (mature earlier), but  psychically-mentally lag for 7-10 years and create families at 24-30.” — Tomas Yono from Lithuania


Of course, there were some sane answers.

5. And the one who realised that it is not up to anyone else to decide when women should marry, but themselves: 

Opinions on such questions differ from person to person. According to me, a person should get married only when:
1. You are mentally prepared for it.
2. Have a decent job and a decent amount in your savings account. Again, it depends what amount you feel is decent enough for you.
3. And lastly, you have found the person with whom you would want to spend your life with…
The above criterias are for both males and females. “– Amrit Chaswal 

6. Just reiterating the point in case there are some of you who still don’t get it:

A girl should get married, when she’s at a point in her life when she stops asking at what age a girl should get married. (Assuming she’s old enough to be legally married.)
It has nothing to do with age. It’s more about whether you feel you are at a point when you are ready to settle down with the one person.” — Linda Atkinson

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(Source: Quora)