Reverse sexism isn't cool either: Clothing brand uses naked men in ad aimed at women

A clothing brand featured naked men in its Fall Ad campaign and posted photographs on its Twitter page and no one found anything wrong with it. Read on.

Objectification of women is wrong but what about objectification of men? How is it right? A popular US clothes company, Suistudio, featured naked men as props to send out a ‘strong message’ against all those sexist ads, which have objectified women. But an eye for an eye has never worked and we feel that there’s nothing brave about such ads. In fact, it’s equally shameful, disgusting and highly ironic to use someone’s (man, woman, trans, lesbian, gay, queer) body to make a point about adverts in general. Suistudio did to men what most ads do to women and were praised for their ‘bold’ move. Irony just rolled in its grave.

The clothing brand posted some of the photographs from its Fall Ad campaign on its Twitter page and we leave for you to decide if what you see is in, anyway, justifiable. The models may have agreed to posing nude and that’s definitely not the point. If there was a woman in place of a naked man, many would have raised a hell but with a man lying naked at the feet of a woman is an imagery that doesn’t hurt many, it seems. And, that’s something disturbing. On the contrary, people seem to be enjoying it.


One of the YouTube channels of Canada that goes by the name of Hornet have posted a video praising how Suistudio has ‘flipped the switch on gender’ and it is not just by ‘not dressing men’ in their impeccable suits, but by objectifying men and featuring them naked.


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Hypocrisy, much?