How Twitter saved a boy from eating a poisonous fish

Twitter saved the life of a 20-year-old boy by warning him about a poison fish!

Social Media is often blamed for spreading fake news and rumours. However, there are times when it has helped to save lives as well. In one of such incidents, micro-blogging site Twitter helped to save the life of a boy who was about to eat a super-poisonous fish. Here’s how:

It was a rainy day and Narathiga, a 20-year-old Japanese boy, was out to do some fishing. He had a successful day and he ended up catching a big fish covered in blue patterns. Excited about his catch, he tweeted about his plans on Twitter.

“Caught a big thread filefish. I will eat its intestines with soy sauce now,” he tweeted with an image of the fish.

However, Narathiga hadn’t caught thread file fish but a scrawled filefish, which more poisonous than a pufferfish.

Concerned over what could very well turn out to be a disaster, Twitterati immediately stopped him from eating the fish.

“Do not eat it!,” tweeted a concerned Twitterati.

“This is not a bamboo harvest It is a fish with poisonous poison,” tweeted another.

“This is a poisonous fish named Soup Hagi. Because toxicity is strong and death rate is high,” tweeted another person.

However, when Narathiga didn’t reply for several hours, the concerned netizens feared the worst.

“Are you alive?,” asked one.

“About Sōshi hagi. I released it when I got a lip of attention. Especially because the I hadn’t drained any blood, so it swam away. Also, about not responding, I was delayed due as I was out of range and my battery died. I apologize for the trouble,” Narathiga wrote.