He tried to bodyshame someone, and Twitter quickly and savagely shut it down

The guy got a total fun (read brutal) response from the 'actual' woman featured in his bodyshaming and sexist meme. Twitter didn't miss the chance either. Read on.

We have seen a lot of sexist, body-shaming, racist memes floating on social media and it is only sometimes that people featured in these memes retaliate. He posted a meme with photos of two women with the caption ‘Girls I like vs girls that like me’ and what happened next is ‘karma’. What he posted was not only sexist, his meme was bodyshaming one. It was total fun when the actual woman who, according to this guy, ‘like(s) him’ responded to his meme categorically mentioning ‘I don’t like you’.

The guy who identifies himself as Leyton Mokgerepi on Twitter posted photograph of two women side-by-side, clearly implying how the women he likes are ‘slim’ while the women who like him (read whom he doesn’t like) are well, do not conform to society’s ideas of ‘body goals’. He probably assumed the meme will rack up ‘favourites’ and retweets quickly but the woman whose photograph he’d labelled ‘fat’ type responded and how.

This woman replied to him on Twitter saying ‘I don’t like you’ and in a matter of few hours, her tweet had gone viral. Not only did people applaud her brilliant move, they also went back to the guy’s original tweet and responded to him with blank photos with the description ” Picture of the girls who actually like you after this post”.

After all the rightful insult he already suffered, Twitter users weren’t done. They went back and posted a succession of blank photos, in response to his tweet. He must be so dead.

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