Green tea may fight cancer too! 12-year-old boy discovers during school project

Think Green tea can only help in the weight loss process and for a glowing skin, this 12-year-old boy has discovered cancer fighting chemicals in it

If you think Green Tea can only help in losing weight and withstand changes in blood pressure, this 12-year-old boy from Marietta, Georgia, has gone a step ahead and discovered chemicals that can help in fighting Cancer in Green Tea.

Stephen Litt who is currently a seventh grader has been conducting experiments and is fond of science projects ever since he was in the first standard. As a part of a research project, he decided to test a chemical in Green Tea whether it could help in preventing cancer growth in worms that can cause Breast Cancer.

Scientists across the globe took note of this project and lauded the boy for his efforts. “It’s not a cure for cancer. What he found is a way to prevent cancer in these worms from those specific carcinogens. Their DNA is not the same as humans, but a professor at Tufts and a few others, they want to know what’s going on — they want to help,” Stephen’s father told CBS news.

His father further asserted that Stephen was earlier interested in discovering digging up on the Malaria virus. However, since the research could prove to be dangerous, his father did not allow him to do so. Following which, Stephen started reading up on Breast Caner and found that Japanese have low Cancer rate because of high consumption of Green tea and started researching further on the subject. He set up a laboratory in his house and thus began his research.

While it is still unclear whether Green tea can really cure Cancer or not, Stephen’s research has definitely started a conversation. He is now planning to get a microscope in the coming year and  transplant real breast cancer tissue into these worms.

Way to go, Stephen!