Going viral: Nando's has a loyalty card with a major LOL-factor

Totally need a Nando's Loyalty Card now!

This may not be the in-your-face advertising most of us are used to, but it is definitely the kind that stands out. Winning the internet today is the Loyalty Card of international restaurant chain, Nando’s. A statement that sounds truly bizarre until you take a peek at the said card.  In a card that’s usually reserved for fine print that nobody really reads, Rajnikanth jokes, wine puns, chicken witticisms, bar cracks and a lot more just casually shows up like its no big deal.

For instance, the card declares that the ‘holder of the card is entitled to a ‘15% discount at any restaurant in India, except Chennai’, because nobody messes with Rajnikanth. #SoMuchWin

Everybody knows that it is a rule universally accepted that anyone in possession of a good Rajini joke has won the conversation already. But wait, there’s more – the said discount however ‘is not applicable on alcohol’ and Nando’s would like you to please not ‘wine about it’.

And just in case any of you were thought about clubbing multiple offers with the Loyalty Card discount, they’ll have you know that they are ‘bird-brained’, ‘not Dodos’. See what we mean? Whoever came up with these ‘terms and conditions’ deserves a raise, and a free plate of Chicken Peri Peri, please.

If there ever is a competition for best fine print ever, Nando’s has our vote. The image was shared by RPG Enterprises Chairman Harsh Goenka and has 59 retweets and 91 ‘likes’.