Gender discrimination isn't real you say? Let this astronomer rip the delusion to bits

When a "woman" on Twitter decided to bash a sexist article by New York times favoring men in the field of science and ignoring women, like always

Whoever’s seen Hidden Figures ought to know that it wasn’t just a film about racial discrimination, it was also a film on gender discrimination within the field of science. For ages now, many occupations have become slotted as ‘a man’s job’, a woman doing the same will be considered as quite a shocker for the society. News outlets hold the same bias in case you were wondering. Ever noticed headlines that casually say “Female Astronaut …” or “This female engineer…” or “This woman architect…”

When we don’t feel the need to say that “male astronaut”, why do we feel that it is important to give the same gendered narrative to a woman’s achievement? It is almost like society did not expect them to reach the position they did and is giving them a consolation price.

Katey Alatalo, an astronomer working at Carnegie Astronomy, California, read an article featured in the New York Times titled: Push for Gender Equality in Tech? Some Men Say It’s Gone Too Far  and decided to shut that sh*t down. Quoting the article Katey pointed out that the techie long-faced sad boys had no idea what they were dealing with had they been a woman who was trying to carve out a career in the tech world or the scientific world for that matter.

So if you want to know what it is like trying to be a woman in a scientific space, then this viral Twitter thread has all the answers for you:

Just like the struggles of the African-American mathematicians in Hidden Figures, these girls will be told they were not up to the mark for advanced maths!

Not everyone is as lucky

When male chauvinism starts at an early age, you will be left feeling insecure

And when you score better, “they learnt it by rote”

And when opinion leaders believe that women are inferior, what can we really do?

And women are left to deal with objectification instead of innovation

And a no definitely means that you will be in their bad books from now on

And reporting it is useless, stop playing the victim card already!

When surviving itself is a task

But there is a silver lining

But then the voices of boys complaining about how unfair it was to them, will bring you down

And so you question yourself

Katey’s thread has 10376 retweets and 14,544 likes and has been garnering support from all over the world with both men and women coming to her side to defend what they think is an obnoxious article focusing on male white privilege.

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