From bad table manners to no boundaries, people reveal the worst turn-offs on dates

As much as we like to connect with someone, more often than not, your date ends up saying or doing something that becomes an instant turn off!

As easy as dating seems on TV shows and movies, it really is not. You never really just meet a perfectly fine person on the first date and then quickly hit it off only to find you are both romantically and sexually compatible. No, that hardly ever happens. More often than not, what happens is that the person you thought you would like does or says something so repulsive, it becomes an instant turn off. And once you have made that transition from attracted to “Yeah, I’m thinking no,” you know it is time for you to excuse yourself to the washroom and sneak out. Or, you can do the mature thing and be up front if you want…

Anyway, people on Quora held a discussion on the biggest turn offs they have had on dates and it will unveil the true, horrid face of dating that movies have been hiding you from. Here are some of the worst turn offs listed by people:

1. By any chance, did that guy’s last name happen to be Winchester?

2. As our dear Phoebe Buffay would put it, “I asked for the news, not the weather!”

3. When you don’t know it yet, but you are dating a die-hard Sallu Bhai fan… 

4. Okay, either she is fishing for compliments which ain’t good or, she is just too into herself which, again, is not good…

5. There’s a classic sign that he’s just not that into you, bro!

6. Okay, that is some seriously weird, ace-level disgusting stuff right there…

7. Not going to lie, Carla… That dude sounds like some messed up serial killer straight from a TV show.

8. Well, Andy, if you are going to date a racist person, you should AT LEAST make sure they are not racist towards you… Just kidding. Don’t date racist folk, kids.

(source: Quora)

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