Fed up with relatives asking when you're getting married? This music producer has the perfect reply

Now you know how to give it back to your pestering relatives, who just won't quit asking when you'll get married

If you’re in your 20s, dodging questions from your relatives, whose sole aim in life is to get you hitched, is almost like Keanu Reeves dodging bullets in Matrix.

But, even if you have the perfect moves and manage to sneakily stay away from these nosy “well-wishers” then you are highly mistaken because there is nowhere to hide. Especially when you’re having fun at a family function, they’ll corner you first then get a detailed itinerary of your everyday activities and then broach the topic of marriage, perfectly timing it when there’s a lull in the conversation.

Why, you ask? Why else? Marriage is supposed to validate your existence. Who cares if you’ve achieved a lot in your career?

Admit it and accept defeat because you’re no match for your relatives, as they know too many ways to trap you against your will and ask you the dreaded question —


And that’s how 28-year-old Mumbai-based music producer Nikhil Malik felt as well when his relatives probed and prodded him with queries about getting married. Fed up with such questions, he called up with his photographer friend Bhumika Bhatia and told her,

“Getting older and with Indian relatives asking you if you’re with someone, when are you getting married is just exhausting. So why not tell them yes, I am with someone who I totally adore and want to spend the rest of my life with?”

Nikhil and Bhumika brainstormed and came up with an ingenious way to silence all his relatives — a wedding shoot with himself! Because self-love, people!

The photos, which show Nikhil in blissful company with himself, have since gone viral on social media.

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Check them out:


Mr Right for himself! (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Bhumika H Bhatia)


Got hitched to me! (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Bhumika H Bhatia)


Nobody loses when you steal your own heart! (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Bhumika H Bhatia)


Milkshake for two? Nope, one! (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Bhumika H Bhatia)

That’s how Nikhil could finally tell his relatives that he had found THE ONE — himself.

When asked about the inspiration behind the shoot, Malik told The Indian Express,

“It was a mix of too many ‘just-got-married’ posts on Facebook and the love I have for myself. It’s just a very basic (and funny) reminder for people to love themselves more often and truly appreciate themselves for who they are.”

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To be in love with yourself (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Bhumika H Bhatia)


I’m getting hitched, to me! (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Bhumika H Bhatia)

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Remember y’all, you don’t need to be with someone to make yourself happy. Now you know what to do when your pestering relatives bombard you with questions about getting married!