Family going on vacation by train finds luggage stolen, plea for help to Modi govt goes viral

Rishabh Shukla and his family were very excited to be travelling to Sikkim in a train until they noticed that belongings worth 2 lakhs were missing from their berths.

Travelling in trains has a charm of its own. The noisy engine, the rattling of the wheels, and getting all the time in the world to just sit back and chit-chat with fellow passengers while swaying with the motions. But all come nightfall, the whole scenery changes. The chaiwalas with the huge bag full of snacks is no more a welcoming face. Every foreign face seems to be out to get you as sleep takes you over. All sense of safety is lost and we stand guard to protect our belongings. But, we are, after all, human beings and require sleep so we doze off with our fingers crossed. That is exactly what Rishabh Shukla and his family did only that fate wasn’t on their side this time.

Rishabh was very excited to be travelling to Sikkim with his family only to get fairly distraught when he noticed that most of his family’s belonging were swiped from right underneath their noses as they shut their eyes for a bit. Including 35k cash, important documents, a laptop and mobile phones and several essentials were gone with their luggage. But that wasn’t the end of their misery.

As they attempted to file a complaint about their lost belongings, which were worth 2 lakhs, they were shocked to see the attitude of the authorities present. When they approached the TTE (Train Ticket Examiner) Mr Suresh Mahto, he himself was not aware of the protocol which was to be followed in the situation. The TTE suggested that they deboard the train at the next station and lodge an FIR at a local police station. The same man also told them to give up all hope of ever finding their luggage again. Having some sense of his own, Rishabh stayed aboard the train and looked online for a solution. He reported the incident complaint online as there were no means to file a complaint while on the train, as opposed to the provisions of the Indian Railways.

Instead of getting any help, all they got were lectures as to why they felt it was important to carry such valuable materials. Rishabh recounted his ordeal on Facebook and stated, “I request Mr Narendra Modi, Mr Suresh Prabhu and Ministry of Railways, Government of India to please take notice of this and also I want the concerned authorities to get me my luggage back if you have any concept of shame left…”

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