Everything that's wrong with the glorification of violence in this new viral Punjabi song, Jail

Glorifying jail time to openly intimidating anyone who threatens to 'get in their way', this viral music video has over 4 millions hits, but no sense.

Jail is not exactly meant to be a happy place. Sadly, this fact seems to have escaped the notice of  the makers of Punjabi viral song Jail by Mankirt Aulakh. Since its release on August 3, Jail has already racked up an impressive 4.5 million views on YouTube. And even though the song is set in what seems to be a Canadian jail, the song is basically a tribute to every gangster that roams the streets of Gurgaon (!!!!) or the peripheries of the capital city of Delhi.

Promoting gun culture, violence and corruption among cops – this song is wrong at so many levels that we can’t even begin to count it. Black brawny men are shown as criminals for no reason whatsoever because what is even racism or racial profiling.



‘Don’t question the power of a Jatt’ is the essence of the hit number. Why you ask? Because they have access to phones and even Facebook while they are still in jail. The song — ‘Jail vichon phone aaunge’ / ‘Chalaun Facebook andron, bane jailan de shingaar ne’, is basically a man thumping his chest for getting calls and using his phone from inside the jail.


And in the end, of course they manage to escape from jail easily.


The music of the video is by the composer Deep Jandu and the song is produced by Speed Records.

The lyricist Inder Pandori told Hindustan Times, and almost seemed to be justifying the lyrics of the song
I used to have friends who were lodged in jails, and I would visit them. Whatever I have written is in the public domain, as everyone knows that gangsters are using phones inside prisons and updating their social networking sites.
What is interesting to note is that the video also features Ranjit Dara Aujla, an Indian-Canadian former President of the British Columbia Kabaddi Federation who is wanted in a drug-smuggling case in India. Prison Break much?
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