Prateik Babbar's video for unBlushed says enough with the judgement. Are you listening? - Watch

His battle with substance abuse is something he is willing to rise from, are you ready to give up on your biases against him? Yours Sincerely an Ex-addict.

Listen to these instructions very carefully. Are you listening? Have you drowned out all other sounds and are you 100% attentive to what is happening? Are you preparing for an interview with Prateik Babbar? Then you must keep in mind these very things before you set out to question the man who has been in the middle of controversy for drug addiction.

The son of Late Smita Patel and Raj Babbar, Prateik was always in the limelight, even when he didn’t ask for it. And when came into the entire soup of substance abuse, he had no one to fall back on. Words like Rehab and Recovery became the norm for him, and while he stood in his darkest of times, media was quick to churn out stories. It became difficult to separate Truth from Rumour. No his failed career doesn’t give you ammunition to judge him and bring him down for having been a drug addict.

In this video by Culture Machine’s Blush Prateik has an important message for everyone who has faced struggle: My struggle is not my identity. But the Indian society doesn’t understand that. They talked in hushed tones, they pass sideway glances and we tell people to steer clear from such misguided souls. They are the ex-addicts, the ones who succumbed to addiction but are trying to resurface from their bout of weakness. They try and some even manage to rise above their history of addiction.

While they may have moved on, we as a society make sure that they don’t and certainly, we don’t. Stuck, we are addicted to our biases, addicted to our fear of the unknown concept that is called ‘drugs’, addicted to our judgment of someone who has consumed and been in the shackles of substance abuse. So much so that we fail to accept our biases that may be hindering someone from winning a battle they have fought and lost.

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Perhaps it is time to look past on battle or one struggle, one such fault that you are choosing to focus on and choosing to define them and instead see them for everything else that they are and always were, because their struggle is not really their identity, just as yours isn’t.

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