Elon Musk talks about why Tesla can't 'Make in India', gets schooled by Indian govt

Elon Musk replied to an Indian man's question regarding the release of automated cars, and India had a befitting reply in store for him.

Elon Musk, the founder and CTO of SpaceX and product architect of Tesla Inc., recently took to Twitter to announce his successful leap in the field of Electric Automated Cars and his future plans. He wrote that he is elated about the upcoming Tesla Autopilot Software and is certain about the algorithms.

Unfortunately, India is still deprived of automated cars. A few Indian companies tried to enter the market but failed miserably. An inquisitive Indian dropped in a question to Musk about the launch in India. In his tweet, Avinash Singh, said: “@elonmusk Are there any chances for Tesla to release in India in 2017 or 2018? Waiting for that.”

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To which, Elon promptly replied:

This disclaimer surely did not go well with the Government of India. Reminding Musk about the business policies in India, the Make in India official account tweeted:

Automated cars may come sooner or later, but you’d have to agree that Elon Musk will think twice before underestimating India again.

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