Drunk guy texts girlfriend justifying adultery, and people cannot stop laughing

Going by the bizarre logic that this guy provided his girlfriend with, he is a hero and the saviour of the world. You cannot miss reading this conversation. Read on.

Social media seems to be getting interesting day by day with people sharing everything from the truly mundane to the absolutely entertaining – because people are strange. So, one Twitter user named Bella took to Twitter to share her personal experience when her boyfriend cheated on her with another girl and went on to justify it. You must be feeling sorry for the woman (we too feel bad for her) but wait till you read his long-form justification, which will make you ROFL. Not only did the guy have the audacity to defend his infidelity, but in the process he labelled himself the saviour of the world. What, bro?

The boyfriend apparently slept with someone else while he was drunk. According to the screenshots of the messages that Bella shared on Twitter, when the girl in question asked the guy out, he thought for a moment about Bella but then ‘obliged’ her for the greater good of the world. If you think this is already sounding weird, you need to read the funny texts that the guy sent to Bella. And we bet, you cannot stop LOLing. The reasons that he cites are surprisingly entertaining, and not annoying at all.

Here’s Bella’s post:


twitter, Guy justifies adultery

twitter, guy justifies adultery

We still cannot stop laughing over what we just read. Can you? This is how Twitter responded after Bella posted these screenshots.


Meanwhile some people just could not stop noticing the amount of wrong spellings:


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Some were in utter disbelief by the bizarre amount of logic used by the guy in that conversation.


We still cannot stop laughing. Can you?