Disloyal woman tests her boyfriend but he does something that shocks her - Watch

The video has got more than 1 million views on the YouTube. Watch the entire video below.

The world has come to a point where fidelity and loyalty are considered overrated and it is not rare to find couples doubting each other. Something similar happened when a woman asked the ‘To Catch a Cheater’ team to test her boyfriend’s loyalty, of course without his knowledge. ‘To Catch a Cheater’ is a weekly YouTube series, which ‘helps’ people test their partners by putting them through the ultimate loyalty test and check if they cheat or not.

‘To Catch a Cheater’ team set up the entire scene where two of their actors, who were twin sisters, called this guy, who is a broadband engineer to fix the internet in their house. As soon as he enters the house, the two sisters start flirting and try seducing him by various means. The entire incident is recorded by the ‘To Catch a Cheater’ team and the woman in question, whose boyfriend features in the video, is watching it on a screen while all of this is happening.

A screen grab from the YouTube video

As the video and the loyalty test progresses, one of the two sisters tell him that ‘he can have them both as his girlfriends’, the guy’s response shocks the woman (his actual girlfriend) watching this video.

If you think, this is the end, wait for it. In the end, she confesses that she was cheating on him and was hoping the guy would do something wrong so that she wouldn’t feel guilty. Much wow.


Now, watch the entire video here:


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