Crater in Chennai's Anna Salai road leads to a meme-war, Sasikala wins the Photoshop battle

Why you gotta be so rude, Twitter?

In case you were too busy chilling over the weekend, you should know that Chennai’s famous Anna Salai road now has a giant hole in it. On April 9, Tamil Nadu’s capital created headlines after an MTC bus and a Honda City car went into a sinkhole that appeared out of nowhere in the middle on the road. Nobody was seriously hurt in the accident, however the extent of damage has led to panic among the residents. Officials from Chennai Metro Rail have said that the accident took place while they were tunneling between Thousand Lights mosque and AG-DMS areas. All ongoing metro construction in the area has now been brought to a halt. Clearly something isn’t going right.

While the authorities conduct an investigation into the incident, photos of the area have gone viral and the internet is having a bit too much fun with it. From PM Modi to actor Ajith nobody has been spared, much to everybody’s amusement. The absolute winner however has to be the ones starring Sasikala.

But the winner is: