Couples on Twitter are sharing their 'boyfriend vs girlfriend' posts and it's hilariously accurate

The difference in captions by girlfriends and those by boyfriends on couple photos reveals a stark contrast between men and women.

Sexism aside, there is no denying that at times people do exhibit some gender-specific traits. Don’t think so? Well, at least a few people would certainly like to disagree with you. Couples on social media are trying to highlight the difference between boyfriends and girlfriends based on how they caption photos and, as weird as it sounds, the results are quite stark!

It all started with a picture posted by Isabella Koval on Instagram, clicked at a football game with her boyfriend Justin. “Always a blast [with] my bff,” she captioned the picture. Later, her boyfriend reposted the same image with a wildly contrasting caption. “Sitting here trying to explain football to this uncultured swine,” Justin wrote. Isabella took screenshots of the two posts and tweeted it out which is when the “My post vs my boyfriend’s post” went crazy viral.

My Post vs My Boyfriend's Post

Before you claim that Justin’s caption is sexist and insulting, note that Isabella told Buzzfeed that she actually “knows nothing about football.” She said, “People are telling me to dump him, [but] everyone that knows us thinks those comments are hilarious.”

Anyway, her tweet received over 198k likes and 42k retweets as people joined the bandwagon on this “My post vs my boyfriend’s post” trend.

Here are a few posts shared by girlfriends of how they and their respective boyfriends caption pictures differently:







Twitter was very much on board with this new trend.

So, apparently, girlfriends are all nice and loving while boyfriends seem to be nothing more than overgrown children. Would you agree?

(Edited by Kanishk Singh)

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