Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman just helped us discover these cool earthen bottles. Your summers are sorted

These earthen bottles are eco-friendly, classy and perfect to beat the summer heat

Innovation mustn’t take us away from our roots. Instead it must mordenise our ancient knowledge and belongings. One such cool innovation we just stumbled on while crawling the net is a mud bottle –  a modern twist to the tradition earthen pots, used in Indian households since time immemorial. It looks classy and is eco-friendly and extremely handy. It is a throwback to the bygone era when refrigerators were a luxury for the middle-class and the matka served the purpose of quenching our summer thirst.  The good thing about a matka, unlike a refrigerator is that it the temperature of water in it never reaches below a certain mark. Often water is refrigerator gets too cold for our comfort and hurts our teeth. It’s also not a great  idea to quench your thirst with a chilled bottle either after exhausting yourself in the summer heat.

It can lead to cough and cold, particularly kids. Cold water stored in these bottles is the perfect antidote to the summer heat. And if you were wondering  whether carrying something brittle like an earthen bottle to work could result in unnecessary hassles. Worry not. No one less than Commerce Minister  Nirmala Sithramaraman has recommended these. If the recommendation is coming from someone who is busy the whole day in her work, it must be something wonderful.

At least you can give it a try. It is a perfect example of the Narendra Modi’s Make in India initiative. We just checked the online prices for these little wonders. In less than Rs 400 you will get to take one beauty back home.