Comedian Saadiya Ali narrates her father's evolution as a feminist and it's a must-watch

In an episode of Queens of Comedy, Saadiya Ali recalls the time her father forbade her to wear shorts but an unfortunate encounter made him a feminist.

A lot of women would relate to not being allowed to wear the clothes they want to, be it as children or as adults. Indian comedian Saadiya Ali is no different. In an episode of TLC’s Queens of Comedy, Ali recalled how her father objected to her wearing shorts. However, it was only later following an unfortunate incident that he realised that his objection to it wasn’t helping anybody.

In the video titled ‘‘The Evolution Of A Feminist Father’, Saadiya recollected how when she was 15, her parents took her to see the film Ghajini. She said, “We decided to go for a movie and then, I go to my room and I wear like this really nice shorts that I just bought. I come down and my dad was like, ‘Saadiya beta, shorts pehen ke bahar mat jao'(Do not go outdoors while in shorts).” Like a typical Indian father, he ordered her to go change. What else is a father to do than to step in on his daughter’s choices of attire, right? So, she settled for a salwar and the “dysfunctional” family then went on to watch the film.

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While watching the film, she suddenly felt disturbed by a “weird sensation” which turned out to be the hand of her harasser stroking her “non-existent side boob.” She turned to find a drunk, middle-aged man who was creepily smiling at her while he fondled her chest. Confused, she started yelling at the drunk man which is when her father stepped in. When he found out what the man was doing to his daughter, something clicked inside him and he changed.

Watch the video below to find out the full story:

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