Chicken Sashimi is a real thing in Japan and Twitter gives it a hard no

On to the list of things that are probably too weird to eat, here's a plate of absolute raw chicken. But is it really safe tho?

It goes without saying that things people eat in certain parts of Asia is not what people in other parts of the world would necessarily approve of. From whale sperm to boiled locusts, they have a whole lot more than just chicken on their plates. For those of you who aren’t sushi fans, sashimi is basically raw fish with a side of wasabi. Hence this important question: would you ever give raw chicken a shot? No, seriously, forget about Salmonella for a sec and really think about it. If your answer is yes, you should definitely go to Japan and order a plate of Chicken Sashimi. Maybe pay a visit to a doctor afterward.

Anyway, so Chicken Sashimi is an actual thing! That exists and stuff. For those of you who don’t know, Sashimi is just thinly sliced raw meat. The existence of this Japanese delicacy has tossed Twitterati into a designated discourse over the safety concerns of eating Chicken Sashimi. Just FYI, consumption of raw chicken and eggs comes with an added threat of catching Salmonella which is totally not chill.

Not that we are judging people in Japan, but from the looks of it, nobody wants a piece of that. Here’s how Twitter reacted to this… “food”.

…which loosely translates to “NOPE!”

And the people who have already tried it too gave it a thumbs down

Legit the only person who seems to love it is this guy:

Back to it being safe and all…

Basically, it’s a gamble. So, go ahead if you wanna give it a shot. But we can’t promise you won’t fall sick…

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