Can you help this momo-wallah find a spot in Mumbai?

This momo-waalah in Mumbai's Andheri West has no permanent spot to place his stall at. Can you help him?

Most of us love the taste of a mouthful of momos with that spicy red chutney that has us all looking for some water. Delhiites have no problem finding momos to stuff their faces with but who would have thought that people somewhere would only ever dream of relishing the South-Asian delicacy. In Mumbai’s Andheri West, one has to hunt for a momo seller to get in on some of this mouth-watering grub.

Amit Somvanshi, a Facebook user, shared a post about a momo vendor named Suraj Lama in Andheri West, Mumbai, who serves delicious momos but, he is a hard man to find. “Hello all Momo (Dimsum) lovers, here is Mr. Suraj Lama who roam (sic) around seven bungalow Andheri West between 6pm to 9pm.. So if u really miss delhi style Momos in Mumbai, this is the guy !!” Somvanshi wrote on Facebook.

He even shared the momo vendor’s phone number so as to lessen the trouble for some of the hungry souls out there in Mumbai. “Just had very fresh and tasty Homemade Momos with awesomely fresh Chatni … 08691-972715 you can call him for his exact location in seven bungalow as this poor guy don’t have any permanent place to stand.. Have it someday and thank me later… Lagta hai Bhagwan ne Momo lovers ki sun li,” the post further read.

Want a momo-waala near your society or have a spot vacant in your local community market? Contact Suraj Lama at 08691972715 to set up a permanent stall. If you’ve been looking for a bit of that authentic momo experience in Mumbai, here’s your chance.